Wild Dingo Band

Wild Dingo Band

Ruka Ruka – Wild Dingo Band (2nd Album)


WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that these videos may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

Recorded in Punmu Community located on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert, April 2015. This 9 track album recorded by Matt in the Lotterywest donated Desert Feet truck studio is truly wonderful.

Wild Dingo Band – EP

These tracks were recorded in a whirlwind 2-day session before the Jigalong Sports Carnival in 2012, by the Desert Feet Crew in a make shift studio. The Wild Dingo boys are from Punmu and Kunawarritji mostly and most of the tracking was done in one take.


Wild Dingo Band

Wild Dingo Band


Wild Dingo band members are Mckenzie Whyoulter, Lester Sailor, Elliot Sammy, Adam James, Brionel Booth and Patrick Williams.

They live mostly In Kunawarritji in the central Desert on the Canning Stock route.



I would have to say this album is my favourite at the moment. These songs mesmerised me into a trance with their timeless and primal sounds. When Elliot Sammy wrote Prisoner, I’m pretty sure he put his soul into the song. The most impressive thing about the Wild Dingo Boys is they just have no attachment or ego around their music.  It comes through them not from them and it is our hope that is portrayed in the recording too. We hope this little offering will capture a slice of that experience for you too. – Damien Thornber

About Kunawarritji

Kunawarritji is actually called Well 33 on the map and it is basically just that. A well. However to those that have had an endless and uninterrupted connection with this land, it has a wealth of secrets hidden in a unforgiving and harsh environment.

Video Clip of Wild Dingo Band


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