Kiwirrkurra Band

Kiwirrkurra Album

(Pronounced kirakurra)

Their first  album was recorded live at Port Hedland after touring through the central desert communities with the Desert Feet Tour for two weeks. It was their first ever public, paid gig and Mary G had the great pleasure of inducting them for their debut performance to the largest audience they had ever entertained. Since then the Kiwirrkurra Band have gone on to produce 2 more beautiful albums with the support of Desert Feet Records and their sponsors.

The most recent album Ngurra Talli Tjutangka has recently been mastered by James Newhouse of Reel2Real Studios. 

These boys can boast being the most remote Indigenous Band in the world. And that in itself is something we as Australians can be proud of. Not only are they a selection of the most exotic artists left on earth, they sing all their music in a language some 45,000 years old, Pintubi. The Pintubi language is also one of the oldest contiguous languages in use on earth. By now you might be thinking “Holy Cow!! Why has no one ever told me about such a valuable cultural asset?“  Well! we are here to do just that. You can own a piece of your own culturally significant music by purchasing this CD.

These guys are our own home grown talent and their music is a genre unto itself, but we have dubbed it Desert Reggae. The band is made up of Key members Eric West, Lazarus Lillias, Conway Gibson and Adam James. However various recording will included several other members that change the line up and consequently the songs they will play on any given night. These included Sylvester Olodoodi, Jimmy James, Gean Gibson who has the incredible high pitch wailing voice heard on this recording. The album artwork was done by Bobby West Senior Lore man and winner of Telstra Indigenous Artist of the Year Award 2012.


Kiwirrkurra is located in the “tali” (sandhill) country of the Gibson Desert, to the south west of Lake McKay. The community is located within the Shire of East Pilbara but the closest neighbouring community is Walungurru (Kintore) Aboriginal Community located 100km west in NT. It has been described as the most remote community in Australia. All Kiwirrkurra residents are Pintupi speaking people however many have close family ties with the residents of other Ngaanaytjarra communities. Kiwirrkurra Community became affiliated with the Ngaanyatjarra Council in 1988

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Video Clip of Kiwirrkurra Band

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