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Celebrating a rich and ancient culture


When Marcel Ravidat discovered the entrance to the Lascaux Cave on Sunday September 8, 1940, the scientific community did back flips, the world celebrated, and still to this day the art is considered one of the major discoveries of our Century. The paintings were carbon dated at around 15,000 BC.


When the world’s largest concentration of ancient rock art was discovered by explorers in the Nineteenth  century on the Burrup Peninsular in Australia, it went completely unnoticed until  in the 1960,s when the area was bulldozed into large piles of rubble. It was later carbon dated at 30,000 years old and is believed to be possibly older by some accounts. These art works are twice the age of Stonehenge and the Pyramids and more complex and animated than any other drawn in Australia.


How do we stop this sort of atrocity from happening in the future? At Deserts Feet Records we are dedicated to cultural awareness and reconciliation. But how do these things with cultural sensitivity? Without walking over delicate song lines that we can’t see and without overpowering those with a quiet and humble disposition.


Music is the answer


The beauty of music is it can simultaneously deliver language and emotion, story and culture without you needing to leave your house.

The beauty of music is you can support community and artists and Indigenous individuals in a none intrusive but deliberate manner, by buying the music.

And most importantly the beauty of music is it gives you the power to vote with you own choice. When you recommend, play, pass on or just mention our artists to another, that is reconciliation.


When you buy music from a Desert Feet Records signed artist you can be sure that your money goes into the development of programs built from the inside out.

That your money goes into building structures for community in consolation with Elders and members.

Ashley Oobagooma

Ashley Oobagooma


7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. dayvid clark

    Hi I work at 78 Records, Perth WA.
    I have a customer looking to buy Olive Knight’s CDs – are they available only as MP3 or are CDs available?
    also, the customer would like to know which track she heard, a track referencing the rail lines taking away indigenous lands.

    Gorgeous music,

    Thank you.
    78 Records WA

  2. Michaela Perske

    Hi There
    My name is Michaela Perske and I am a producer based in Sydney. I am developing a project with Clinton Walker called Deadly Woman Blues and I would love to get in touch with Olive Knight to speak to her further about it. If you could pass my details on to her or provide me with the best way to get in touch with her I would be most grateful.
    Many thanks
    Michaela Perske

  3. Andrea Foxworthy

    Director Nicole Ma is interested in including two of Olive Knight’s songs in the soundtrack of her documentary film. Olive has asked me to speak to Damien Thornber to arrange this. Can you please make contact with me by email to discuss further?

  4. Post author

    go to the ‘Buy’ link, click it, pay and you will be able to down load the MP3

  5. Post author

    you can buy all of Olives CDs on line at Desert Feet Records
    follow th links click buy
    i have CDs for sale email contact@desertfeettour.com
    the song you mean is called Train Train off the Heros and Laments CD

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